Today we are following up on a post with SERP results for 5 top 5 SEO Tasks To Do Today.  We have already in place Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business and a Mobile Friendly website.  The information below is in regarding to Keywords and Organic SEO.

Below is a table of search keyword phrases and variations of the original article for this Organic SEO experiment.  The original article was published on March 27, 2020.  It took eleven days (April 9, 2020 to show in the search results.  As you can see the phrase of the title of the article received 1st place ranking as a snippet in Googles search results.  These rankings appear the same today April 16, 2020.  



Rank Results on Google

5 top 5 SEO Tasks To Do Today

1st (Featured Snippet)

5 SEO Tasks To Do


top SEO Tasks to do


Top 5 SEO Tasks to do today

1st (Featured Snippet)


5 top 5 SEO Tasks To Do Today featured snippet resultThe featured snippet result placement on Google is a coveted placement.  Using bullets and lists helps in securing these types of placements.

For the phrases above that aren't in first place there are tasks that can be performed to further rank those higher.

I would suggest the following to further optimize those keyword phrases:

  1. Add more content with those phrases in the original article. 
  2. Linking them to the search result
  3. Making another list with those phrases
  4. Integrate with the website metadata.

 We will further proceed with these to see how a second round of optimization works to prove the process of organic optimization.