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Does winter seem to be the best time for your business to begin re-evaluating company websites.  After all, its cold, you may be experiencing a lull in business, you have a little more time.  It does seem to work that way.  However, many businesses don't take advantage or overlook one of the most important tools they have,  YOUR COMPANY WEBSITE!

If you are finding that you have some extra time, remember to responsive designlook at the content on your site.  Is it outdated, obsolete or does it need freshing up?

Many new technologies have been popping up this last year making your company website a tool that shouldn't be overlooked. 

Responsive design is one of them.  This is a newer technology that converts your website into a tool that responds to any size the viewer is viewing your site from.  Whether its from a phone, tablet or large screen, these sites adapt to fit the content for the device.

Great Navigation - If you have to explain to someone how to find content on your site, you need to rethink your navigation. 

Analytics/Statistics - Google Analytics has improved over the last year and is very comprehensive and free!  Every website should have some kind of analytics or visitor tracking.  If not you will never really know how your website is working for you.  Google Analytics provides you with free access and great tools to help you analyze your site visitor activities, speed, and so much more. 

RSS Feeds/Syndicate Content - If you are using social networks for your business you must consider rss feeds for your content.  This tool will create a web feed friendly version of your site content.  Once this has been established, that content can be automatically read by your social networks once set up.  This means that you can publish content and it will push to your social network sites that can read those feeds.  This is a perfect scenario for social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+.  You can even share your content with other sites or pull feeds from other sites to your site.

Social Networking - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube.  Social networking will become a tool that even small business owners cannot overlook.  Let's face it, everyone is getting social and if you're not you will lose out to those that are.  The fact that social networks and rss syndicated content can be utlized is bringing people who would probably not come to your site but found it from a share or liked article from a social network.  If you really have not considered it, you should. 

website review scoreWebsite Review - This is a report that grades your site on Internet Marketing Effectiveness for over 50 criteria including search engine data, website structure, site performance and others.  This tool will help us help you deliver improvements to get your site optimized.

SEO-SEM - Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing - these are procedures that help you increase your visibility in search.  There are literally hundreds of ways to get optimized.  You have to consider this service to help improve your visibliity.  Not everyone knows the name of your company or domain.  They shouldnt have to.   A well optimized site on your most important products, services or features should bring your site in the top 10 listings. 

Video Based Content - You'd be surprised how your YouTube video or slideshow can help get your site ranked high for that content.  YouTube and other image based sites allow you to tag your media with keywords and even transcribe the content.  These are tools to be considered. 

We are happy to review any site and provide you an initial consultation at no cost.  Let us help you get ready for spring!  It's right around the corner.  Call us at 815-223-1052 to schedule a review today.  Ask for Sue Grady.