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Brent Bader, one of our former engineers, wrote an article published by Shaw Media “What is Ransomware?: Tips for users and business owners”. 

Here is a link to the article on the News Tribune:  http://bit.ly/2VJCjk9

The entire article is about a conversation Matt had with him about ransomware.

Matt you did a great job as always representing our company and proving why Connecting Point is who a business should contact if you need experts in IT.

Thank you very much!

Jeff Borelli

 Below is a video that was also done with Matt discussing Ransomware

You may be hearing a lot about ransomware. So in talking with Matt Stats at Connecting Point Computer Centers in Peru to tell you what to be on the lookout for.

Ransomware a relative newcomer in the realm of Internet threats out here.  It can innocently arrive via like an unexpected email attachment maybe from an office or a friend, or it could be because your computer is behind on current security updates to actions.  After these kind of attack vectors make it really Troublesome. if you're worried about being affected by ransomware, crypto wear any type of viruses like that. Give us a call at Connecting Point here. We can definitely take a look at your system or systems see what security options are available to upgrade into your system. See what patches are needed. And also see if you do have current antivirus and current Windows operating systems.

Be proactive against ransomware contact Connecting Point Computer Center today.