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 The website planning checklist is designed to improve your online plan, describe your products or services, offer online transactions, customer service, and support.

  1. Web Site Design Marketing Objectives
    • What is your primary objective with the site?
      • Establish and promote your business's credibility.
      • Increased business exposure.
      • Describe your products or services.
      • Offer online transactions, purchase orders or how to buy products and services.
      • Provide customer service and support.
      • Communicating company identity or branding.
      • Decrease Print and Mailing Costs.
      • Compete on level terms with competitors.
    • What are your secondary objectives?
      • Make your site search engine friendly.
      • Make your site mobile friendly and responsive.
      • Generate repeat visitors.
      • Encourage visitors to recommend it to others.
      • Create an online community, send emails.
      • Offer a newsletter or member-only section.
      • Encourage visitors to stay and visit many parts of the site.
      • How do you expect to use the site?
      • Will people find you by search engines or because you gave them your URL?
  2. Target Audience
    • Who is your target audience?
    • Will they access your site via pc or mobile device?
    • What browsers and screen-sized are used? 
    • What is your target audience looking for?
    • What questions are your customers constantly asking you?
    • What can you offer your customers that would save them time?
  3. Web Site Design Look and Feel
    • Look at other sites to gather ideas of what you can do.
    • What features do you like of those sites best?
    • You need to decide on a color scheme or overall theme.
    • What image do you want your site to portray?
    • Home page options: A single page, with consistent branding and identity of your company.
    • Today's website must be mobile-friendly and responsive to work on any device.
    • Print and email page options.
    • Navigation and Menus – Single, Multiple, Dropdowns or dynamic?
    • Graphics and Photos -   Using your own photos of your own business, products and services is always going to be the best option.  Of course, we can provide you with stock images if necessary.
    • Are you interested in animation graphics or movies?
    • Do we need to take photos of you, your staff, your services, or your products?
    • Do you have any vendor-supplied photos or graphics you are authorized to use?
  4. Logo and Branding
    • Do you have a logo?  Do you have a digital copy of it?
    • Do you need a logo or would a stylized typeset of your company name be sufficient?
    • Do you have a tag line or company brand to promote? How would you describe your business in one sentence?
  5. Web Site Content
    • Do you have any existing written materials we can start with?
    • Do you have this information electronically?
      • Brochures
      • Client presentations
      • Customer letters
      • Information flyers
      • Case studies
      • Customer testimonial letters
      • Company resume or business timeline history
      • Videos
  6. What menu categories make sense for you? Here are some common examples:
    • Home
    • Services: what are they
    • Product Available
    • Testimonials
    • FAQs
    • Forum
    • Document Repository
    • Blog
    • Members Section
    • Links or resources
    • About us
    • Contact us
  7. Search Engine Optimization & Promotion
    • How will people look for you: by name, keywords, products services, etc.
    • What search engines will they be using:  paid or organic listings?
    • Reciprocal linking:  the more you have the better; vendors, collaterals and manufacturers.
    • Resource linking:  if you don’t offer it who does? Your resources are your customers also.
    • Submit to search engines and directories.
    • Monitor your ranking and modify your website based on your findings.
  8. Web Site Technical Details
    • Have you registered a domain name?  If not, we can do that for you.
    • Hosting Plans:  which plan is best for you.
    • Do you have your site access information for domains and hosting if already acquired?
    • Control Panel Access:  E-mail setup, DNS, applications
    • Visitor Statistics:  how to read and interpret the information provided.
  9. Website Maintenance
    • When and how to update the site?
    • Who is going to make the changes?
    • What content will need updating?
    • Why to change pages or have dynamic content?
  10. Project Timeline
    • What is your timing for this? Beginning and finishing?
    • Is your launch tied to a product or service being introduced?
    • Does your business depend on seasonal, social or financial timeframes?  

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