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Why Do I Need a Maintenance Plan for my Joomla or Wordpress CMS Website?

Your website needs regular maintenance to perform well especially since it is a content management framework. Updates are always being made to these content management systems as well as the style (themes and templates) and plugins, (slideshows, forms management, maps, etc.).   Keeping your site installation up-to-date is an extremely important security measure that has to be addressed.

Joomla and Wordpress content management systems are two of the most popular tools for website development.  Regular updates are rolled out to fix security vulnerabilities and patches on a weekly basis. These updates help prevent potential exploits to your website or blog.   

Not only do we monitor your extensions and templates, but we also provide security backups and monitor your uptime.

Joomla & Wordpress Extension Migrations & Upgrades

We have been providing CMS maintenance programs since 2010.  

Because these frameworks are so popular and widespread they are regularly targeted by hackers who will try to break into your site and wreak havoc. As soon as the developers find these vulnerabilities, they create patches to fix them, leading to regular updates that will keep your site installation better protected and safe. If you do not keep your site installation up-to-date, you risk becoming the next victim to malicious attacks. This can be easily prevented by keeping your CMS code up-to-date and prevent your site from becoming a spam link house!

CPCC Yearly Website Maintenance Plans

Let Connecting Point Computer Center help free you from worry about maintaining your website, so you can focus on your business. Our yearly plan, listed below, describes each of the updates we will perform. As critical updates and patches are introduced throughout the month they will be applied to your website.

Plan pricing:  (We will help you determine what plan you need based on the number of extensions on your site installed.)

Basic Plan:                      Quarterly price:  $_____105.00____     or      Yearly price: $_____378.00____  .5   hours/month
Mid-Range Plan:             Quarterly price:  $_____210.00____     or      Yearly price: $_____756.00____  1.0 hours /month
Premium Plan:              Quarterly price:  $_____630.00____     or      Yearly price: $____2268.00____  3.0 hours/month

Note* These plans are NOT inclusive of all extensions.  A review of your website will determine what plan need to be utilized and if/what extensions are included.  Some commercial extensions may or may not be part of our developer licensing.  (We do have hundreds of developer licenses.)

Services included in the maintenance plan

Joomla or WordPress Core Updates

Keep your site core version up to date and reduce the risk of security issues.

Theme & Template Updates

Update your site theme, if there’s a new version available, and resolve any compatibility issues.

Component and Plugin Updates

Update plugins and components for your installation version.

Monthly Backup and Backup Software Updates
Backup before updates are applied to ensure if an update corrupts anything your site will be restored quickly to its original working order.  After updates are applied successfully,  another backup is made of those as well.

Security Scan Reporting Updates

We’ll perform a monthly scan for outdated components, plugins or on your website and update them.  This Security Component also blocks attempts to hack your site too.  A regular log of attempts is reviewed and managed via blocking IP’s or redirecting an attacker.  You will receive a report of all extensions updated with version number and date applied each month.

Services Not Included

Recovery of a hacked website is not included in our maintenance plan. Even if all of the latest patches and updates were applied it is still possible that your site can be compromised. Measures can be taken proactively by you like using strong passwords for all Joomla or Wordpress sites and hosting accounts to help eliminate possible problems.

Upgrades and migrations to a new version of Joomla or Word Press theme that is not up to date are not covered by this maintenance plan. Upgrading your website generally requires a re-design. This will necessitate consultation and proposal to make sure all the features you have on your current site are compatible with the new version.


Payments can be made quarterly or yearly for this annual contract. A discount of 10% will be offered if you choose to pay this contract, in full, for the entire year. The maintenance service will not begin until a signed contract has been received. Payments received for service are not refundable. If you choose not to continue the maintenance plan a 30-day notice before the yearly maintenance plan expires is required.

Sign up for a Maintenance Plan

We want your website and our hosting servers to be safe and secure.  We also want to have a clear plan of action for you.  Having a maintenance plan in place makes you proactive against hack attempts and site vulnerabilities.  The alternative is being reactive and potentially having your site down for an undetermined amount of time.


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