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Website Services for Breckenridge Trucking


Website design services, website development services, social media integration, and social media management services for Breckenridge Trucking, Inc. of Wenona, Illinois 61377.

Breckenridge Trucking, Inc. came to us looking for support on their Wordpress website.  They had issues with the design on the mobile view and responsive layouts.  We helped them with some custom CSS and other image optimization to make the site load faster and layout better on mobile devices to be mobile friendly.

We also integrated their site pages and blog posts with their social media pages after they were claimed and/or created.  After some branding and identity customizations on those social media pages, we set up auto-posting through an aggregator that pushes their content to their social media pages without additional manual work on their part.

Other services included setting up security features, Google Analytics, and sitemap submission via the Google Search Console.  They are now able to view their traffic statistics via Google tools and even from within the administration area of their website.

Other areas of website development included plugin management and removing or adding additional plugins for features that were needed, or were not needed to keep the administration side very clean.

We work with clients on all levels of website development, website design. social media development and integration, social media marketing, content management, digital marketing, domain registration, and SSL certificate installation.

If you are looking to automate your social media content management, give us a call at 815-223-1052.  We can help you too!

Breckenridge Trucking is a hazmat transportation provider of liquid fuels and brokerage services specializing in the midwest region and service to all 48 contiguous states.


Breckenridge Trucking website responsive layout sample