vulnerabilty scan quarterlyConducting Vulnerability Assessments on a regular basis provides a real-time view of weaknesses that could easily be exploited by malicious actors like computer hackers. Understanding current vulnerabilities offer an opportunity to fix or remediate weaknesses before a successful cyber-attack is launched. Most of our clients perform Vulnerability Assessments on a Quarterly basis.

What is a Vulnerability Scan?

A vulnerability scan is an automated, high-level test that looks for and reports potential known vulnerabilities. For example, some vulnerability scans are able to identify over 50,000 unique external and/or internal weaknesses (i.e., different ways or methods that hackers can exploit your network). 

Internal and external scanning

An external vulnerability scan is performed outside of your network (e.g., at your network perimeter), and it identifies known weaknesses in network structures. An internal vulnerability scan is performed within your network, and it looks at other hosts(active IPs) on the same network to identify internal vulnerabilities. 

Think of your environment as a house. External vulnerability scanning is like checking to see if doors and windows are locked, while internal vulnerability scanning is like testing if bedroom and bathroom doors are locked.

Our vulnerability scans generate an extensive report of found vulnerabilities and give references for further research on these vulnerabilities.

Despite what many businesses believe, scanning isn’t enough. You shouldn’t just scan and sit on the report. Act quickly on any discovered vulnerabilities to ensure security holes are fixed, and then re-scan to validate that vulnerabilities have been successfully addressed. 

Vulnerability scanning identifies potential harmful vulnerabilities so that you can remediate processes to ensure network security.

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