CPCC's Managed Backup Service includes Assessment, Configuration, Restoration, Monitoring, Management, Security, and Compliance by backup management experts.

Backups are the backbone of any company's resilience and continuity. They are the fail-safe mechanism that safeguards your vital data from unforeseen disasters, cyber threats, and operational hiccups. Imagine a scenario where critical information, client records, and essential documents are suddenly lost – it's a nightmare you can't afford.

Connecting Point Computer Center’s Managed Backup Service provides a comprehensive solution to ensure the protection and availability of your organization's data. Our service relieves your organization from the burden of managing backup processes daily to ensure your data is available when disaster strikes.

Managed Backup Service provides a comprehensive solution to ensure the protection and availability of your organization's data when disaster strikes.

Connecting Point’s Managed Backup Service includes:

  • Data Assessment: CPCC identifies your critical data locations, storage requirements, and backup frequency needs. This evaluation helps create a backup strategy tailored to your organization's specific requirements. 

  • Backup Infrastructure: CPCC sets up and maintains the backup infrastructure, which includes dedicated backup storage systems located at your business for quick restoration. We also maintain and manage offsite hardware at our 2 data centers (Peru and Princeton) to provide redundant disaster recovery service. 

  • Backup Configuration: Based on the data assessment, CPCC configures the backup software to schedule and automate data backup processes. This includes defining backup policies, retention periods, and any specific requirements for diverse types of data. 

  • Data Backup: Our Managed Backup Service continuously or periodically copies the organization's data from primary storage systems to the backup infrastructure. This process is performed at a file, folder, or system level, depending on the organization's needs. Incremental backups, which capture only the changes since the last backup, are used to optimize storage and network resources. 

  • Data Restoration: In case of data loss or corruption, our Managed Backup Service enables the restoration of the backed-up data to its original or an alternate location. This process involves retrieving the necessary backup files from the backup infrastructure and ensuring data integrity during the restoration process. 

  • Monitoring and Management: Connecting Point continuously monitors the backup operations, ensuring that backups are completed successfully and within the defined parameters. We also proactively address any issues or failures that may arise during the backup process, minimizing downtime and data loss risks. Any failures with our Managed Backup Service are corrected at no charge to our customers as this is covered by our service. 

  • Security and Compliance: CPCC’s Managed Backup Service prioritizes data security. Encryption techniques, access controls, and secure transmission protocols are employed to protect data during transit and at rest. The service provider may also assist with compliance requirements, such as data retention policies and audit trails.

By allowing Connecting Point Computer Center to manage your backup services, your business will benefit from offloading the complexities of backup management to the experts. This allows you to focus on your core business operations while ensuring the safety, availability, and recoverability of your critical data.