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Providing Trust and Security 

ssl secured website

That is a very important factor in your website presence today. 

SSL certificates protect your website from attacks and give your visitors confidence that your website is trustworthy, secure and viable business. 

SSL certificates provide security and encryption of data across lines of communication between a users internet connection and the server holding the website.  It is a digital certificate that verifies and authenticates that identity of the website, encrypts the data, scrambles it so it can only be read by the proper decryption key.

Upon purchase and registration of an SSL certificate, the domain name that is being secured contains pertinent identifiable information of the recipient's profile:

  • Name
  • Serial Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Public Key
  • Digital Signature of the certificate issuing authority

All SSL certificates require identifiable information that must match up with the domain registration owner, business identity and other trackable identity forms from third parties.  Upon the final process of the verification, the company requesting the certificate will be contacted to confirm their identifiable information.  You may also be asked to send in other written forms of identification such as the examples below (Not a complete listing).

  • ssl partnersBusiness License Certificates (LLP, LLC, LP Not-for-Profit)
  • Tax ID's Trademark, Registration, DBA
  • Sales Tax & Use Permits
  • Charter Documents
  • Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Incorporation

We will do all the work for you from generating the proper information for the application, purchase and when approved, installation on your web server. 

There are many companies that provide SSL Certification.  We are partnered with these companies.  Not only are there many certification companies, but there are many types of certificates as well.

 Contact us today at 815-223-1052 to discuss your website security needs and we will help you determine the best product for your business.