What our clients say

five star ratings is our goal of client satisfaction

Receiving feedback from our customers and clients is awesome.  We value their comments and suggestion.  It is extremely valuable information that helps us continue to be the best providers to each and every client.   After each service a client survey email is sent.  We review every response with the highest regard.  All feedback is shared with our staff to ensure the highest standards are met.    The following are responses received from our wonderful clients and customers.

Dear Sue Grady and Connecting Point,
I would like to thank you for recommending the Joomla CMS software to us.  We always have changes to our website and often wait because they are so small.  We have not updated our site because getting everything together at once has been difficult with all that goes on in our day to day business.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you, Sue, on this transition.  Up until this project the only experience I have had with the internet has been checking email and doing research.  I was nervous at first that I would not be able to get the job done.  You have been an unbelievable teacher and I have learned so much.  I am confident in my abilities after just a small amount of training.  Your ongoing support has been great.

We are able to do so many more things with our sites.  We can keep them current with a few clicks of the mouse.  I can change anything at any time.  It's great!  I love this software and wish we could have transitioned sooner.  It has really saved me a lot of time I believe.  Before Joomla, I had to do a lot of work getting the changes together, basically making them and emailing them to you so that you could reformat them and update the site.  Now I just go online, change it and its done.
Thanks for everything.  I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.
Starved Rock Pet Resort & Fetching Frieda's Doggie Day Spa