This project is a WordPress CMS framework design that we recently completed.  A custom design and overhaul of the site extensions and plugins while focusing on mobile-first design for St. John's Lutheran Church in Peru, Illinois.

The new project focused on mobile-first design and framework, plugins, and updates to work with PHP 8.

 Services provided included in this project:

  1. New custom design theme.

  2. User-friendly navigation to help visitors easily navigate through the website and find the information they need.

  3. Calls to action buttons: These drive visitors to important pages from the home page, encouraging them to take specific actions.

  4. Google Calendar integration with theme integration.

  5. Beautiful and seamless responsive design. This ensures the website looks and functions well on any device and screen size.

  6. YouTube Video Channel that is integrated into the site page so you can watch videos without leaving the site. This also allows new videos uploaded to the channel to display automatically per playlist or channel on the page.

mobile-first-website design for St. Johns Luthran Church, Peru, Illinois 61354

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