Glynn Demolition

Glynn Demolition Website Design ProjectIf you've ever wondered how buildings and structures get demolished and taken down, check out this new website's gallery to see!

Terry Glynn of Glynn Demolition came to use wanting to build a website for his demolition company in Hennepin, Illinois.

He had come ready with plenty of photos, scrapbooks, and newspaper articles describing recent projects he had been hired to do.

Services provided included in this project:

This website showcases gallery photos of many projects large and small.  He also wanted to let potential clients know many projects are at NO COSTdepending on the project.  If you are looking for a reputable company for your city or property to take down a structure, look at this website to see how to contact Terry and his company.

The site features

  • Photo Gallery of Projects
  • A  responsive, mobile-friendly web design.
  • Up to date framework and theme.
  • Easy to navigate menu system.
  • Google Analytics and Sitemap submission for top search engine placement.
  • Website maintenance program to keep extensions, themes, and modules updated and backed up, along with security features to keep the website safe.

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